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#1: Bienvenidos
Author: Ulf
PostPosted: Mon, 10. Dec 2007, 10:30
Bienvenidos a Eurocruisers!

todavia no hemos traducido este texto en EspaƱol pero esperamos que por el momente les sirve para darles una idea de lo que es!
Hello fellow Cruiserheads.

Since a few years now, we got a dream that will come close to reality this year and it would be a honour if you would help to make a dream come true.

The target is to build a European Land Cruiser Ring, a site called where all Clubs from Europe have a home.
A page where we have a European Land Cruiser Forum that we all can use together, write in English and your usual language, the existing forums stay for each country as now, no changes to that.

Every LC- Page/ Forum in each country can get its own page within the Europage, to show who they are, what they do and where they are located.
If each Page/ Forum contributes one event each year where all others are welcome, we will be able to visit each other and share our hobby, trade experiences and parts.

It wont be a lot of work for the webmasters of the existing forums and pages all over Europe but we will all gain a lot of it and got nothing to loose.

I wouldn't write all that if we would not already have a base for that........ we got the baseportal with a well working software and server, all what we need is your heart and some work and we can start with the launching countdown.

Think about the possibilitys, any input is welcome.

Cualquier pregunta es bienvenida y nos encantaria si quieren dar impulsos para este foro!

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